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Food production today requires adding a number of chemical substances in various steps of the food processing chain. They're used to remove biological threats from the produce, to increase shelf life and to facilitate the production process.

Some of these substances are believed to cause cancer, irritation of the human nervous system, changes in the hormone system and deterioration of fertility. In addition, some of these substances are quite expensive and add considerable cost to the production.

The use of chemicals can be avoided to a certain degree using bio production methods - which reduces the utilization and increases the production cost.

SwissFood Tech Management, Inc. provides consultancy services and two methods for avoiding the use of chemical substances during and after production.


Ventafresh and PhytO3: Chemistry-free food production methods


Ventafresh is a technology to cold-sterilize food after its production. It is used to remove unwanted traces of chemical and biological contaminations. The result of the process is an almost sterile product with an extremely long shelf life. Ventafresh is used for vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and seafood as well as for certain types of convenience food.

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PhytO3 is a new plant treatment method which increases the resistance of plants against most diseases. As a spray machine for farmers, PhytO3 essentially removes the need for pesticides in crop production while preserving all the advantages of conventional, pesticide-supported production.

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ESS Field Sprayers

One of the technologies used for PhytO3 are spray nozzles which allow for a 50% reduction of the spraying agent. These nozzles, developed at the University of Georgia, are based on the idea of electrostatical charging of the spray. The method allows for a highly increased distribution of the agent.

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Food Technology Consulting


With development of the PhytO3 and Ventafresh technologies as well as with many customer projects, we have built up a very thorough understanding of various food decontamination and preservation techniques.

Each technique has its specific strengths and weaknesses; the combination of techniques must be tailored to the specific application.

If you have extraordinary requirements to the cleanliness or shelf life of your products, we can provide help - please contact us.


Key Technologies

Core of the PhytO3 and Ventafresh products is the combination of ozone and ultraviolet light disinfection techniques. Both have been proven to be very effective. Their combination, however, provides advantages which surpasses the advantages of either technique.

The use of ozone as a disinfectant is not yet very common. It is extremely effective and - contrary to common belief - very environmentally friendly since it decomposes into oxygen within minutes without any residues. It has been used for over a century for sterilizing instruments in hospitals and since 1907 to disinfect tap water. it's very well researched, although the food processing industry is just beginning to incorporate ozone into its production processes.

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Note: Ventafresh and PhytO3 are patented technologies. If you're interested in testing the products or working with them, please contact SwissFood Tech Management, Inc.

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